Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter                              
"A dog is the only thing
on earth that will love
you more than you love
~ Josh Billings
"This site is best viewed with a kitty or doggy on your lap."
Our Professional pet sitting and dog walking service serves as an excellent alternative to dog
boarding, cat kennel boarding or dog daycare.  We offer peace of mind to the pet parents.

Your cat or dog will receive personalized attention on a daily basis. He comes into your home
to keep the pets routines as normal as possible - the pet sitter or dog walker is bonded &
insured.   Because of this the stress level of the animal will be low.

Your pets chances of getting fleas are very low. You will not have to put your dog on a flea
program.  Using a pet sitter instead of a kennel or doggy day care means no excess
vaccinations are needed.

Mail and newspapers will be picked up daily, it will appear as though your home is lived in.

You won't have to worry about your plants dying while you are
away as they will be watered to keep them thriving.

You won't have to worry about dropping your pet off or picking him up.
When you get home, you'll be greeted by a very happy animal!

Wags 2 Whiskers is bonded and insured through Canadian Pet Pro (Verge Insurance Group)
of Canada. We hold both liability insurance & a dishonesty bond. Verge is one of the few
companies in Canada that has an insurance policy designed solely for the pet sitting industry

There's always a boarding kennel ...

But ... 10 out of 10 cats (& dogs) prefer to stay at home!
Professional Standards

* The pet care professional must not have any past criminal charges or convictions or pending criminal
investigations relating to the abuse, neglect, or abandonment of any animal, or in any aspect that directly
impacts the professional's ability to provide safe care.

*The pet care professional shall be knowledgeable and experienced in caring for pets.
The pet care professional must have a genuine concern for the welfare of all pets.

*The pet care professional has a moral responsibility to report any instances of animal abuse to the authorities.

The pet care professional shall have an interest in continuing education and seek to enhance knowledge and
skills through courses/workshops/articles etc.

Pet care professionals shall conduct business ethically and honestly:

* The pet care professional must obtain signed contracts, releases and information forms prior to providing
service and retain these forms for the duration of the providing service to the client.

* The pet care professional will meet with both the client and the client's animal prior to providing services.

* The pet care professional must maintain adequate insurance coverage at all times if the professional
advertises as being licensed, insured and bonded.

The pet care professional shall abide by all city bylaws in the area(s) in which they provide service, including
but not limited to: waste management, leash laws, maximum allowable animals on a premises, maximum
allowable animals under the care of an individual (during private or group dog walking).

The pet care professional shall abide by all municipal, provincial and federal requirements with regards to
business licensing and fees and income reporting.

The pet care professional shall respect the client's property, possessions and pets while providing services,
and shall not willfully act in a manner that threatens the safety and security of the client's property, possessions
and pets.

The pet care professional shall maintain discretion/confidentiality in regards to the client's identification, the
client's property and the client's pet.

The pet care professional shall not use any image or identifying information about the client, the client's
property, or the client's pet without express permission.

The pet care professional shall not withdraw service without adequate notice for the client to obtain a suitable
alternative, unless providing service is an immediate threat to the professional or another animal in the
professional's care.

The pet care professional shall observe safety of all animals in their care at all times when providing service.
This includes limiting group walks to ensure safe weight/size/number considerations.

The pet care professional shall ensure that they are reachable by the client at all times while providing service,
or that appropriate messaging opportunities are available, and messages answered within a reasonable amount
of time. The pet care professional shall keep in contact with the client to provide
reassurance/information/updates on the animal's condition/disposition/activities at the client's request.

If provision of services includes transportation in a vehicle, the pet care professional will observe all laws in
regards to operation of said vehicle. Specifically, the pet care professional:

* will observe traffic laws while animals are in the vehicle
* shall ensure that the animal is properly restrained/protected during the trip
If provision of services involves dog walks, the professional will observe laws concerning the safety of the
animal. Specifically, the pet care professional:

* will not engage in jaywalking or crossing against a traffic light or sign while with the animal
* will take additional care to ensure traffic is stopped prior to stepping off of a sidewalk
* will shorten the animal's leash to ensure the animal is closer to the professional and visible to motorists while
crossing streets.

The pet care professional shall provide the client with an opportunity to voice concerns regarding services
provided directly, or through a confidential survey.
Benefits ~ No
Furry Worries!