August 1, 2017  (Brian's reference for a potential customer as requested re: our service)
Hi Trevor:
Rocky has been running Murphy for about 6 years now. Murphy and Rocky's dog Brutus (BaBa) are like
brothers. Rock has taken all our boys/girls under his wing and truly is their shepard when on the trails.
He has a huge list of locations he takes the dogs to which personally I like. Variety is good for dogs.

He has treated Murphy like his own. He has also double walked and fed Murphy when we can't make it
home and also house/dog sat many times for us over the years while on holidays and we are truly
grateful for that.

You will be hard pressed to find a more educated and caring walker. Bottom line....Rocky is part of our
Best Regards,
Brian K. (E: bknight@cosella-dorken.com)

June, 2017 ~ {Rocky is sad to lose his 2 fur-friends Billie & Izzy (& Bobbie) who moved to England} :(((

Rocky, what can we say?  You are fantastic and I doubt we will ever find anyone quite like you to look
after our fur-kids.
Thank you so much for everything. We've always known our dogs are well looked after with you.
Thank you for living through Bobby's issues with us. He was a very special individual and knowing you
understood him was great for us. We will miss you!!  We will keep in touch and let you know how the dogs
are doing!  If you ever come to England please look us up!!!
Kirsty, Rich, Joel, Esme, Izzy & Billy

February, 2017
We just got back from a 2 week vacation & had Carole watch our fur babies - Tia our darling little dog
- Midnight our lovable cat - and our fish aquarium - I have no words to commend Carole on a job well
done!! - not only is Wags 2 Whiskers reliable, affordable but your fur babies are not just taken care of
they are tenderly loved by Carole.  We think Tia is missing her today.  Carole emailed us regularly while
we were away making our holiday that much more enjoyable. Rocky went out of his way to assist Carole
when Tia would not go to the bathroom, Rocky also took time out of his day to look at our vacuum cleaner
as Carole was ensuring our place was spotless upon our return.  We have hired other pet sitters in the
past & our thoughts are that Wags 2 Whiskers is the best!!  If you have a upcoming holiday and worried
about the care of your fur babies Wags 2 Whiskers is highly recommended by both Russell & me.

June, 2014
Again~thank you so much Rocky for being such an incredible person, and for doing a great job at
comforting our cats when we're away....as well as repairing our kitchen cabinet door :-) !!  We sure
appreciate you.

-Mike and Brenda


January 23, 2014
Overnight Pet Sitting Review:
Carole did a fantastic job looking after my 7 year old Boxer Ronin, while I traveled for work.
Ronin usually gets a little depressed when I am away, doesn't eat and actually mopes. He also does not
play well with other dogs. They came into my home and connected with Ronin right away; being able to
keep Ronin in his own environment was a huge bonus. She did a great job caring for him and when I got
home from my trip Ronin was a relaxed and a happy puppy! You rock guys, it was obvious that my dog
loved and trusted you, which made leaving for me easier.
:-) Thank you again!!


September 1, 2013
I highly recommend W2W as a cat and live-in house sitter.  The first time Carole came to stay at my
home my cat was sick.  She emailed me with updates on my cat's progress and her comments indicated
her insight into the kitty's personality and needs.  I returned home to a cat who was gaining health!  I
am grateful for the caring, skilled, and trustworthy services that they provided and will certainly call
upon them again.  
"Snow loves to lay on my laptop bag
on the kitchen table as I do my work" ~C

April 14, 2013
Thanks for all you do for my gorgeous boy. I see how excited he gets when you come to the door. That
tells me what a great job you're doing.  Thanks again Rocky.

March 10, 2013
Thanks for taking care of Mr. Smudge. He was so excited & vocal when we got home, he was more like a
dog than a cat. He certainly wasn't stressed in any way as when someone stayed here last (wrong person
I think - young and boisterous). Hope he remembers you next time! I'm thinking the lonliness is better
than the stress.
Thanks again, Jane

February, 2013
Thanks Rocky for the great walks; champ is really benefiting from the walks and learning to be part of a

December 1, 2011
Zoey is my new 1 year old rescue dog that didn't receive proper training or socialization as a puppy.
Walking Zoey has always been quite a challenge in the past as she tends to pull really hard and can
become rough with other dogs when playing. Within 1 month of using Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Services,
Zoey's manners and behavior while walking and playing improved exponentially. I also noticed how excited
she gets when she knows she is going out for a walk/run with all of her new friends.. 5 other dogs.. I
definitely recommend Wags 2 Whiskers to anyone that is looking for an energetic dog walker or just
some extra socialization for their furry family member :)
Crystal S.

August 15, 2011
I just wanted to say THANKS for looking after our cat Luckie for me last weekend. You guys are so
friendly and organized and I think Luckie must have been happy because she showed absolutely no stress
at all.
I will use your service again!
Helen Brandon

December 17, 2010
We feel very lucky to have found Rocky to walk our dog Bobby.We work long days and knowing Rocky will
be taking Bobby out for a walk each day gives us great peace of mind.  The service we have received
has been professional and caring, we love reading where Bobby has been each day.  We would say that
Rocky gos above & beyond what is expected of him and our dog seems very happy!!
Kirsty Cooper
We are so sad about the passing of Rocky's favorite beloved dog....Bobby. He is missed so much.
What a precious dog he was. Congrats on your new puppy this Christmas...can't wait to see him/her.
-C & R

November 9, 2010 ~
Thank you for your care and training to date with Rosie and Dexter as it is very appreciated and walking
at night has improved greatly!
Bill, Dexter & Rosie

September 28, 2009 - THANK YOU Rocky and all, for your very professional and caring way you looked
after our 3 cats (and thanks also for tolerating our 1-1/2 hour interview!) We sure appreciated the
TIME you spent with our Emily, Sammy and Bootsie. For anyone looking for reliable, gentle and loving cat
sitter, Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting & Dog Walking is GREAT!  They took the time to listen to what we
wanted, were very gentle with our cats, and were meticulous in doing the twice daily feeding and playing
with them. Our cats were relaxed and totally at ease when we arrived back from vacation - that's a
good sign!  Thanks again Carole & Rocky.
Mike and Brenda Krawchuk
email: mikeandbrendak@shaw.ca


~ August 4, 2010 ~
Three weeks after we brought home our new 8 week old puppy Mack,I started a new job that required
me to work at an office. I worried that Mack would not get the exercise he needed; a large husky
rottweiler mix, he needed a vigorous workout every day to remain calm and balanced. The best decision I
ever made was to hire Wags 2 Whiskers to take Mack on his daily walk.  Rocky takes him on long and
varied walks every day, including swimming at the river which is Mack's favourite - every day is a new
adventure!  Both Rocky have felt like partners in raising our dog, showing genuine interest in his health
and well-being.I trust and rely on them completely and am eternally grateful for their help raising a
wonderful dog.
Cher Bond

I want to recommend Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting to anyone looking for a dog walker or for anyone that
needs a place for their dog to stay while they are away. They recently took my dog for the weekend
while I was on vacation. It was last minute but they were willing to take him in on short notice and the
whole process was super easy and hastle-free. Carole was nice enough to email me with updates &
photo's so I knew how he was doing! When I picked him up it was obvious that he was not only well
exercised but given lots of love and attention as well.
I will definitely use Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Services again!
Amy W.
Sept 2009


Thank you SO much for taking care of Tazma for me, it is very much appreciated and I think you
watered my plants too...thanks!!! haha. Shes very happy to have me back home of course, but its good to
hear she warmed up to you, and greeted you at the door!  You will definately hear from me in the near
future for when I have more travelling ventures to endure!

Lexy Zbeeshko  

Marley – Lab (dog walking)
Marley & I wanted to thank you both for all your great care. It meant so much to know that my fur
baby was so safe and happy in your care. If I could, I’d take you to the North Shore with us!
Marley wants to share her “chocolate love”  with you. Best Wishes.
~Jen & Marley

July 2009
I am a frequent traveler and have a one-year-old Dachshund named Doolittle. Most of the time it is
unfeasible for me to take my dog when I travel; so him & I have a fair amount of experience with
sitters , Some are good and some are bad. I can tell you that Wags 2 Whiskers are one of the best
I've ever used. The amount of attention given to my dog was unparalleled. When I picked him up, my
usually hyper dog was exhausted, a hard feat to accomplish!  Additionally, I began to notice that
Doolittle was much better at following my commands. Because of the high level of attention given to my
dog, I would strongly recommend using Wags 2 Whiskers.
I know I plan to use their services again. If you have any questions pls. contact me at jba19@sfu.ca
~ Jeff

My boyfriend and I started working long days and were worried about leaving our dogs at home for 10
hours a day with no company. I found Rocky and Carole's website and emailed asking about mid day potty
breaks. They came to meet Tanner and Ty on a Friday and they started coming for visits 5 days a week
the very next Monday. They took amazing care of our boys. Tanner and Ty were always so happy when
we got home, it's like they had so much to tell us!  So if you have long work days I highly recommend
Rocky and Carole to come spend some time with your pooch(es), it makes all the difference in the world.  
Thanks for caring for our boys you
~Gina and Ryan

Just a note to say that I highly recommend Wags 2 Whiskers who took good care of Roxie while I was
away on holidays for a few weeks. I had total peace of mind as they were detailed in taking care of my
house as well. I used to take Roxie to a dog boarding place but I never felt good about leaving her there
as she gets extreme separation anxiety but she was calm and happy when I got home.
Thanks Carole!
Steve A

In loving memory of our dear Bobby who will always have a very special place
in Rocky's heart.
We are so sad at the passing of our dear friend and you will always be missed
dear Bobby.
"Don't accept your dog's
admiration as conclusive
evidence that you are
wonderful." ~Ann Landers