Our Services:

Whether you have a dog, cat,
puppy or parrot Wags 2
Whiskers Pet Sitting & Dog
Walking Services is here to
make your life easier. Our
sitter / dog walker team is
trained in making your pets
feel secure, stress free and
comfortable.  We'll always
tailor our schedule to the pet's
needs - they'll never miss any
scheduled cat feeding visits,
medications or potty  breaks.
We operate 365 days a year.
House sitting with or without
pets is also offered.  
In-Home Consultation
At that time, you will meet the Pet sitter / dog walker (we are the owners - we
don't contract out any of our services,  we are strictly owner-serviced). We will
get acquainted with your pets, their routines, and any specific duties required
while you are away from home. We provide a sheet of references and give you  
a copy of our bonding/insurance papers (we are one of the few companies that
provide that for you but we want you to have absolute peace of mind).  If you
want to hire us at time of consultation, key exchange could be made.  All of our
customer’s keys are kept in a locked key box (be assured your name and
address are not on the keys for security purposes. :)

Compassionate Cat Care
Our Commitment To Our Clients:

We are committed to providing cat lovers a unique and uncompromised
service. Cat sitting is our profession, so we are able to pamper your kitties just
the way you do!  Your cat's comfort and companionship is our top priority!  
Many people think cats do not crave interaction and affection, but as cat
enthusiasts we know that is so far from true. Wags 2 Whiskers will take the time
to get to know each of your beloved kitties so that a lasting, trusting bond is
developed to ensure pure contentment. Additionally, we are always on the
lookout for any behavioral changes or medical issues.

Daily Visitation Guidelines:
Your cat's care and health is our primary concern while you are away. We will
visit your home at a specified time each day. For your cat's safety and well
being, we will not agree to make every-other-day visits, so at least one visit is
required for every 24-hours of your absence. Cats are most comfortable in their
own surroundings (being territorial), especially when their primary caregiver is
away, so we do not offer boarding in our home. Priority scheduling is offered to
those cats needing time-sensitive medications or special diets.

Our Cat Care Services Include the Following:
• Nurturing and providing affection to even the shyest of kitties
• Cuddling, play and lap-time love for outgoing, needy kitties
• Maintaining kitties feeding and litter box area meticulously
• Administering medications in a timely fashion if needed
• Cleaning up any kitty "accidents"
• Watering house plants and your garden if needed
• Taking in mail and newspapers
• Setting out trash and recycling as requested.

• We administer all medications including oral (liquid and tablet form), topical,
eye and eardrops, subcutaneous fluids and insulin injections. We also have
experience in feeding cats food with a syringe (force feeding). There is no
surcharge for administering basic medications.  IV injections and sub-Q fluids
are charged based on time required to perform the service only.

Part of taking care of your felines also means keeping you up to date on their
moods, behavior and other note-worthy kitty "tricks" during each visit.
Depending on your preference, we will call or email you while you are away so
you know all is well at home. We want you to be comforted by the peace of
mind that comes from knowing that someone trustworthy, reliable, and a
genuine cat lover is looking after the kitties who are most dear to you.

Our cat sitter service serves as an excellent alternative to cat boarding.  Ten
out of ten cats prefer to stay home as you know they are 'territorial' and in all
cases do better with so much less stress!!

Group Dog Walking Excursions:
We have various walks & hiking excursions available
to parks & scenic nature trails.
On leash or off leash is available.
Group walks are always a full hour of walking time.
We guarantee your dog will return tired and happy!
Our dog walker has an adventurous spirit
and loves to walk his packs of lucky canines to interesting
places to hike on off-leash trails or go play with other
buddies at the best doggie hot spots in the Tri-Cities areas.

Overnight Live-in Pet Sitting:
Please see rates page for more info. on our exceptional service.

Please request a quote.

We offer reduced rates for longer term assignments.

Click here for rates page

Basic fish care free with other pet care!

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"Dog have owners
cats have staff."