Cat Visit Rates
Contact us for a quote

One visit daily includes feeding,
refreshing water, scooping litter boxes
daily, administering medications,
playtime / brushing,
lots of TLC!
We can bring in mail or newspapers &
water plants at no extra charge.
Email or phone updates.

We do IV injections
& subcutaneous fluids.
~ Free House Care ~   
with all pet sitting packages:     
- water indoor/outdoor plants      
- newspaper and mail brought in

~ Initial Consultation ~      
30- 60 minutes
At this visit we meet you to see if you would like to hire us to look after your pets.
We give references and proof of our insurance.  We can tour your home while discussing detailed
instructions how to care for your pets, fill out client information form & can arrange key exchange.
Group Dog Walking Rates
Contact us (one full hour walk)

We do fun-filled hiking excursions to various nature parks in the Tri-cities area which take
from 2-3 hours with travel time depending on where you live.  Please call for more info or
you can read what others say about our exceptional dog walking hikes
here. They say it best!

We have 2 dog walking groups going out each day Monday - Friday rain or shine.
We pick up and drop off in a climate controlled van to various parks or hiking trails to always
keep it interesting. Dogs need variety too! Your dogs learn how to be better walkers with our
well-behaved pack of canines.  Many have been with us for many years.  Fresh water is
always provided. Updates are provided daily.  Dogs are thoroughly dried on wet days. We
NEVER cut the walks down if we are running behind. Walks are always ONE FULL HOUR.  
We guarantee your dog will return tired and happy.

Overnight Pet Sitting Rates

We provide exceptional service for pampered pooches where only the best care will do!

testimonials page to read what others say about our exceptional service.

We care for your fur-kids exclusively!  It really is the next best thing to you being there!
We guarantee the best service at the lowest rates!

For more info please
request a quote.
For cat visit rates please Request a Quote stating area you live,
# pets,& details of the pet care you require.
Please indicate how long you will be going away.

*No advanced payments needed
Payment is made by leaving a cheque
on the first day of service or e-transfer.
*No cancellation fees
*We operate 365 days/year
The reason dogs have so many
friends is because they wag their
tails instead of their tongues.  
"This site is best viewed with a kitty or doggy on your lap."