Behavioral Issues

Understanding Dog Aggression by Cesar Milan
Like Rocky says, "Just because the tail is waggin' doesn't mean the dog is friendly."
Please read this article before handling any dogs.

Coping with Pet Separation
Contributed by Alissa & Maggie - heart wrenching articles

How to avoid being bitten by Cesar Millan
The problem is with the pet owners not the dog or breed....protect yourself!

Raising a Dog on a Budget
Contributed by Sandra H. This site was a real help
when she got her 9 week old puppy. Great for
beginners with a new pet. How to cut costs.

Pet Travel Guide
Everything you need to know when planning a trip with your furry friends.

Pet Sitting Industry Associations

Canadian Pet Pro - www.canadianpetpro.com
Insurance specifically tailored to the pet services industry
through Verge Insurance Group.

Non-Profit Organizations

BC SPCA - www.spca.bc.ca/

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue - www.orphankittenrescue.com
If you know anyone who wants a cat, these guys do a fantastic job and are always
looking for people to adopt or foster their kittens.

No Puppy Mills Canada - www.nopuppymillscanada.ca/
Informative site highlighting the problem of puppy mills in Canada

Cat Related Web Sites

Cats,Kittens,and Feline Fun! -www.i-love-cats.com
Cats,Cats,Cats,your Feline Paradise! Meow and welcome I love cats!
Find out all about cats,cute cat pictures,cat names,cat breeds - all you need to know.

Canadian Custom Cat Stands - www.phoenixfelinefurniture.com
Home of the finest custom cat stands you'll ever see!  These sturdy and beautiful
works of art will help save your furniture & have your cat purrring for years to come.

Informative Pet Web Sites:
Bird,Fish.Reptile,Pocket Pets,Parrot etc.

Animal World - www.animal-world.com/encyclo/birds/information/birdcare.htm
Learn about your pet bird, fish, reptile, parrot & pocket pets to make the most of
your enjoyment with it, by providing what it needs to be happy, healthy and fun!

Dog Related Web Sites

Residential, commercial, strata dog pooper scooper service.
Once, twice or three times a week plus one time major poop clean-up.

Dogs R Kings - www.dogsrkings.com
People think dogs are "like" family.  Dog owners know that dogs "are" family!  This
free listings dog directory is about dogs, for dogs and dog owners. A world wide free
listings directory for pets, dogs and puppy services. Every possible pet, puppy and dog
related service is listed here.

Canadian Kennel Club - the Canadian Kennel Club is the primary registry body for
purebred dogs in Canada and currently recognizes 175 breeds.

Canada's Guide to Dogs - One of the most comprehensive
online resources for Canadian dog enthusiasts.

Vancouver's Off Leash Dog Parks
A list of off leash parks in Vancouver.

Dog Training Web Sites

Patricia McConnell - www.patriciamcconnell.com
Highly respected expert on dog training, dog walking and dog behavior. Author of the
fantastic book 'The Other End Of The Leash.'

fordogtrainer.com - Dog training equipment needs for police, schutzhund, k9,
sport and dog lovers. Reasonable prices. Outstanding quality and durability.

K9aggression.com - Dog aggression  You won't find a miracle cure on this site, but
you will find information that will steer you away from training pitfalls and give you
the ability to find REAL help for your beloved companion.

Dog Star Daily - www.dogstardaily.com - Informative site about dogs, from
Dr. Ian Dunbar - veterinarian, animal behaviorist, and writer.

Pet Health Web Sites

petwellbeing.com - A pet health and medication online store, specializing in herbal
treatments for cats and dogs.

carealotpets.com - Learn about dog health & what to buy to keep your pet healthy.

drsfostersmith.com - Doctors Foster and Smith PET SUPPLIES: Products for your
pet selected by our veterinarians.

Cornell University, Feline Health Centre - www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc
Veterinary medical specialty center devoted to improving the health and well-being of
cats. They offer phone consultations with a board-certified veterinary behaviorist.

Pet First Aid

St. John Ambulance - Buy Pet First Aid Kit - $37.95
Here is a  link to purchase a Pet First Aid Kit in Canada for just $37.95.
You can also inquire about courses on Pet First Aid that they have periodically.
Pet First Aid provides you with the necessary skills to respond safely and effectively
in an emergency situation. The program covers a wide variety of topics including:
Injury Prevention, Choking, CPR, Bleeding, Fractures, and much more!

Dogsafe Canine First Aid - www.dogsafe,ca
Dogsafe offers courses to teach you the necessary knowledge and skills needed to
take positive action in the event of any emergency involving a dog.

Pet Loss Web Sites

College of Veterinary Medicine - www.cvm.uiuc.edu/CARE
Pet Loss Helpline!

familypeturnsandcaskets.com - Helping families, veterinarians and crematoriums
create a unique pet urn, memorial or choose a pet casket for a special pet.

Pet Food Web Sites
BARF World - www.barfworld.com
Information about the Bones And Raw Food Diet, with recommendations and sales of
foods, supplements, publications and videos. Includes a breeder directory ...

Feeding Cats for Health - www.catnutrition.org
This site is dedicated entirely to Duke, an awesome
nutrition & love mentor, and a soul I will love always.

Pet Products Websites

petco.com - Another large volume discount pet supplies store. Locate discount pet
medication - A free service to compare pet medication prices from online pharmacies.

petsmart.com - The huge online pet store.

jbpet.com - A large selection of items such as crates, collars, toys & sweaters.

jefferspet.com - A good source for discount pet supplies. Since 1975, pet lovers,
livestock owners and equine enthusiasts from across the country have come to the
Jeffers family for all their discount pet supplies and pet vaccines.

amazingpetplace.com - Competitively priced, quality pet supplies. Selection includes;
collars/leads, grooming supplies, "Oxyfresh" supplements, toys and more!  Visit the
gallery "Amazing Designs by Michael Park" for all the Dog Lovers on your gift list.

petpro.com - Animal and pet gifts and collectibles specializing in over 140 individual
dog breeds.

Veterinary Hospitals Shaughnessy Veterinary Hospital - Whether it is for
routine preventive care, diagnosis and treatment of illness or emergency services, Dr. Leah
Montgomery & staff offer the highest quality health care for your treasured pet

Pet Recipes
Rachel Ray's Pet Recipes - Feed your four-legged friends their own dishes! Bonus: They're
satisfying for two-legged humans too!  Great recipes for Doggie Biscotti, sensational salmon
cakes,power pooch smoothies & valentines day sweet pooch pancakes. Real dogs eat quiche!!

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