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How will you protect my keys?
We specially code your keys (no
personal information on any key),
then lock them in a locked box and
are kept in the pet sitters home  
separate from where your file is.

Do you have references?
Yes, of course. Every client is
given a list of outstanding
references at or before the
initial consultation.
What kinds of animals do you care for?
Mostly dogs and cats but we also take care of birds, reptiles, fish, hamsters,
rabbits, pocket pets, parrots, bearded dragon, etc. We love them all!

Do you guarantee customer satisfaction?
Wags 2 Whiskers strives for complete customer satisfaction both to our fur
clients and their owners. We are an accredited business with the Better
Business Bureau for your trust and security.

I've heard that pet sitters should be bonded, insured, and licensed. What does
that mean to me and my pets?
Wags 2 Whiskers is bonded and insured through Canadian Pet Pro (via Verge
Insurance Group of Canada). We hold both liability insurance and a dishonesty
bond for your safety and security. Verge is one of the few companies in Canada
that has an insurance policy designed solely for the pet sitting industry.  Bonding
protects you from theft by a pet sitter. Insurance protects you, your home, and
your pet. Every new client receives a copy of our insurance policy for their

What areas do you service?
We provide services to Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody & nearby areas.

Do you do dog boarding or cat boarding?
Generally, we are an in home pet sitting service but there are exceptions for
dogs but not for cats.  We will not board cats in our home as they do much better
in their own home with usually once a day visits.

Will you share the pet sitting I need with my neighbor or relative?
Because we are professional pet sitters, we have a highly specialized insurance
policy, therefore we are unable to "job-share" with anyone.

Will you visit our cats every other day?
Because we have seen on numerous occasions cats who lock themselves in
bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and not to mention the household emergencies
such as bursting water heaters, alarms that go off by themselves, etc., we will do
cat visits with only cats at a minimum of once per 24 hours.

Will you give our parrot "out-time" during your visits?
Absolutely!  We understand how important everyday out-time is to large birds. We
must make sure that your bird will respond to us favorably when it's time to put
them back into their cage. This can be accomplished during our meet & greet.

Will you visit our dogs once per day?
Because dogs require more "people-time" than many other pets, and respond
favorably to stress-reducing activities such as regular walks, we will visit homes
with doggie doors at a minimum of twice per 24 hours, and homes without a
doggie door will be visited three times per 24 hours.

What is a "Daily" Dog Walker?
Daily Walker visits are for clients who require someone to come
in for a 30 minute visit one time during the day and take their pets
outside for some form of exercise during the day while they are away at work.  

What if we don't allow our animals inside our house?
Our policy is to not take clients who don't allow their animals inside the house. In
our experience there are too many "what-ifs" that can occur in this situation.
We know of incidents of animals hanging themselves by their own collars on
fences; water going dry; dogs digging out from under fences; loose and free-
roaming neighborhood dogs jumping over fences and killing resident pets,
Coyotes and Hawks killing dogs and cats; and animals dying from the heat.
So no, if your animals cannot by it's own will come into the house for safety while
we are sitting for them, then we will not accept you as a client.

What does an Overnight visit consist of?
An Overnight visit runs 10 - 12 hours, usually from 8p.m. to 8a.m. After we arrive
we give them their nightly exercise, feed your pet(s) dinner, and stay overnight.
In the morning we give them their morning exercise and their breakfast. We then
secure your home and leave for the day. For homes without doggie doors a Mid-
day visit, or an upgrade to Live-In is required.

What happens in an emergency?
In a life threatening, pet related emergency we first contact an emergency vet
closest to your home. We administer CPR/1st Aid, if it is helpful, and transport
your pet to that emergency facility. We will then contact you as soon as care of
your pet is taken over by the emergency staff. In a non-life threatening, or house-
related urgency, we will first contact you using the "Contact Now" number listed
in your file, and your emergency contact person, if necessary.

Why should I use a pet sitter?
When you are away your pets’ routine is disrupted, by engaging a pet sitter your
pet can stay in familiar surroundings and receive plenty of love and attention
while in their own home. Sending your pet to a boarding facility can be a
traumatic experience for both you and your pet. They will be exposed to
unfamiliar surroundings and possibly the illness of other animals. In addition a
pet sitter will watch over your home while you are away. A pet sitter can water
plants, bring in the mail, turn on/off light, open/close blinds and notify should
there be a problem with your pet or your home.

Why should I use your services, when I might be able to get a friend to do this?
These are the kinds of friends and neighbors we all love to have. However,
these people are busy and may not be able to devote the time that your pet will
receive from a professional pet sitter. We are able to handle an emergency with
your pet.  And when we go out of town, we won’t ask you to watch our pets!

What services do you offer?
We recognize that the needs of each animal and home are unique. To
accommodate your needs, we offer a wide variety of services.

Daily dog walking: We walk your dog while you’re at work during the day. We can
also accommodate running exercise or taking your dog to a park.

-Cat Visits:  While you're on vacation we will come in usually once daily to take
care of kitty and your home.

Overnight pet sitting: We provide the usual daytime pet sitting services but
also stay the night at your house so your dog or cat is not left alone.

Will my pets and I meet the pet sitter before service starts?
Yes. Every client schedules a free introductory visit with Wags 2 Whiskers pet
sitter before services begin. During this visit, the owner who does all the pet
sitting meets with you and your pets and discusses personalized care.

What information will I need during the introductory visit with my pet sitter?
Information and items that you should have readily available are as follows:
• Your personal contact information: cell phone number and email address, if you
will not be carrying a cell phone or a cell phone will not work in the area that you
are staying please provide us with the name and phone number of the hotel or
place of stay.
• Emergency Contact person: In the event of an emergency and we are unable to
reach you
• Veterinarian name & number: For emergency purposes
• Pet Information: This includes the daily routine of walking, feeding and playing.
Also tell us about your pets’ favorite treats, toys hiding places and any
behavioral problems.
• Medical History: If medication is to be administered please provide detailed
instruction from the veterinarian.
• Security Company phone numbers & codes if applicable. Just in case your pet
sitter sets off the alarm
• Key to your home: Please test it before giving it to your pet sitter
• Names & number of others who may be entering the house: Cleaning person,
Pool service, friends.

My cat is very shy. What will you do if you can’t find her?
If your cat is shy, we ask that you acquaint your pet sitter
with your cats favorite hiding places. When your pet
sitter arrives for a visit, we will search for your kitty.
Your pet sitter will also check that your cat is eating and
using the litter box to make sure that your cat is just
being shy and is not injured. We make sure we actually
see your cat before we leave or keep looking 'til we do.

How many visits per day shall I schedule?
Usually your pet sitter will do three visits per day for a dog and one visit daily for
a cat or a 2nd visit if needed.  Of course, you know best how often your pet is
used to going out or being fed. Your pet sitter will work with you to set up a
schedule that’s comfortable for you and your pet.

Is there anything special I should do before I leave?
Please make sure you have left enough supplies such as pet food, cat litter,
medications, and treats for your pet to last the duration of your trip. Also, please
leave out your pet’s leash and bowl. Be sure to show your pet sitter where to
find cleaning products in case a mess needs to be cleaned up. Please be sure to
inform you pet sitter of any changes in the health or routing of your pets.

What will you do if my pet has an emergency while I’m away?
If we suspect that your pet is ill, your pet sitter will follow the emergency
instructions you provided on the service agreement. This usually entails taking
your pet to the veterinarian unless you request otherwise. We will also try to
contact you immediately.

What if my pet sitter has an emergency while I’m away?
Wags 2 Whiskers owner has a partner who can access the primary pet sitters
schedule, keys, service agreements, and client contact information. If your pet
sitter has an emergency, we will make every effort to contact you to let you know
the partner wil be taking care of your pets.

What should I expect when I return home?
You should return to happy, healthy pets. We will leave a note for you that
include a report on our time spent with your pet & invoice for our services. We
ask that you call us when you return home so we know we no longer need to visit
your pet. Delays often happen therefore, we assume that you have not arrived
home until we hear from you. For your pets’ safety, your pet sitter will continue to
visit your pet until you confirm that you are home.

What happens if I need to cancel or re-schedule a visit?
We’re happy to re-schedule a visit. We do not charge a cancellation fee.

How much advance notice do you require before service?
To ensure availability it is best to contact us as soon as you anticipate you will
need pet sitting services. If a last-minute need arises please do not hesitate to
call; we will always try to work with your schedule. Existing clients whose
contracts and keys are already in our files can be accommodated on short notice.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Wags 2 Whiskers accepts cash, PayPal
and checks.
*All client information will not be shared with outside parties.

*All keys in the possession of Wags 2 Whiskers are stored without identification.
We carry lost key coverage and in order for this to be valid all keys are coded to
ensure anonymity.

*Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting does not sub-contract services. There would never
be anyone enter your house that you did not meet in the initial consultation. We
cannot accept a new client for petsitting & dog walking services without first a
meeting with you and your dog or cat with the pet sitter. The initial one-time
consultation takes about an hour and we discuss your pet and the care required.

*Visitors will not be allowed into the house unless specific directions and
permission have been given by the client.

*Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting Service cannot sit acutely ill animals or those with
uncontrolled medical conditions. In those circumstances, for the safety of the pet,
we suggest pet boarding or a kennel.

*Where appropriate, all pets should have a veterinarian have current rabies and
other vaccinations. The client is requested to fill in a pet/veterinarian form for
authorization of medical care in the event of an emergency.

*The client is requested to provide a local emergency contact (neighbor, friend or
relative, if possible).

*A cat needs to be checked daily to ensure that they are safe and healthy,
therefore we will not accept requests for every 2nd day kitty visits. A cat needs a
daily kitty visit for happiness & pet safety.

*For vacation visits, dogs must be seen at least three times per day.
This can include an over night plus a midday visit. Dogs are usually let out in the
morning, in the middle of the day, and before bed at the very least when the
owner is home, and we don't want them to have urinary tract or bladder infection
because they have to go more than 8 hours without having a bathroom break. The
only exception is if the dog has access to the outdoors, either in a kennel, secure
yard, or via a doggie door.

*Wags 2 Whiskers Pet Sitting will not job share while you are away. We want to be
sure that we have complete responsibility for your pet, and will be monitoring how
much he/she eats and drinks daily, as well as bathroom duties. We will make
exceptions when our only responsibility is for dog walks.
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